How I Was Almost Raped By A Guy In Secondary School

I saw a thread about BBC Pidgin asking people if they have been sexually harassed while in boarding school and so, I decided to share my story.

I went to a Federal Government College (Boarding) and there were rumours of gay guys but I was surprised because I couldn't imagine a guy with another guy... So gross. There was this senior in my block then, we were in the same house also and though he was very friendly, I had no idea what he was capable of. He was really playful, funny and not wicked at all probably because he wasn't so tall though he has a good body physique because he usually does weight lifting.

One fateful day, I was with my best friend in the hallway as we just came back from the dinning hall after having dinner and it was almost time for night prep but we were so lazy and wanted to skip it that night (lol) not knowing what was about to happen. In boarding school, the only way to skip night prep is either to go for jungle or act like you're sick or stay with a senior but we couldn't do any of the first two so we had to plead with senior James (not real name) to allow us stay with him so that other seniors won't chew us for skipping night prep so he agreed.

While we were with senior James laying on his bed (nobody else was there in the hall... We were all alone with him), he began telling us about how he misses his twin sister and all that. We were like "Eyah" and all. Suddenly, he started shifting closer to me because I was in the middle of the bed while he was at the right hand side and my friend was by the left. Senior James suddenly jumped on me and my so called "best friend" ran away and left me fighting to escape but senior James was too strong because of his body so he overpowered me and used one hand to hold both my hands then he unzipped his trousers and pulled down mine aggressively, it was like a nightmare to me really and I was helpless at that time. His penis was already charged and he placed it on mine... That was the most irritating moment of my life and immediately he did that, I gathered strength from nowhere and was able to break free from his grip so I used my elbow to hit him hard on his face then ran away, looking for my friend.

I told my friend that left me all alone what happened and he was just laughing like a fool, it got me mad because he was meant to help me but instead he ran away. I accepted what happened that night and never told anyone aside my best friend who knew so I decided to keep it to myself else I'll become a laughing stock to the whole school if word gets out. The next day, I went to meet senior James and he tried to act as if nothing happened but I told him I'm not a fool and I know he tried to rape me that was when he tried to shut me up then I told him I'll keep quiet only if he agrees to my conditions.

He was devastated because he knew I would blackmail him till he leaves the school. I told him that from now henceforth, whenever any senior wants to chew (that's how we said it instead of flog) me, he'll have to come and save me and also, whenever I need money or provision, I'll use his own. He was reluctant at first but I made him realise I'm serious and even took a duplicate of his locker key so I had access to his entire provision and money till I left the boarding house because I became wanted (laughs) by every senior in school due to my stubbornness sha.

That may not have been the smartest decision but at least, it saved me from being stigmatized throughout my stay in the boarding school.

Source: Nairaland

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