Fatuhu's call for the privatization of Nigeria's higher institutions will resolve strike

A Public Relations Strategist and Publisher of the World Entourage Magazine, Abdullahi O Haruna Haruspice has blasted Honourable Fatuhu Muhammad, describing his statement as “infantile, silly, jejune, lame and insensitive.”

The respected media personality was reacting to Honorable Fatuhu’s contribution on the floor of the green chamber where he called for the privatization of Nigeria’s higher institutions of learning.

Hon. Fatuhu Muhammed, member of the House of Representatives representing Daura/Sandamu/MaiAdua Federal Constituency of Katsina State had made the call earlier in the week during a presentation on the flour of the house.

Hon. Fatahu said, “The wisdom behind my reason is simply because we should look at other countries, all universities are privatized in order to improve the educational system. When we send our children outside to study are the universities government-owned? What we need now in Nigeria is skill and we can only get that in our polytechnics and technical colleges. I hope people will read in between the lines the early, the better for the educational system.”

But according to Haruspice, “Honourable Fatuhu Muhammad’s infantile contribution on the floor of the green chamber was not only silly, jejune but lame and insensitive.

“He spoke typically of those who climb up their aspirations by removing the ladders that propelled them. He goofed beyond pardon given the fact that he got to where he is today by the toils of others who contributed to making university education affordable for him.”

Haruspice equally frowned at Professor Paul Mamza, a lecturer with the Ahamdu Bello University, Zaria, and National President of the Polymer Institute of Nigeria for describing the lawmaker as a “third-class product” saying his reaction is “very personal, gutterish and uncouth.”

This he said is not only embarrassing but needless especially coming from a teacher saddled with the moral compass of civility.

“Let’s even ask, what is wrong graduating with third class, isn’t part of the grading system? There is nothing I despise like intellectual arrogance. Engage people base on the merit of the argument and not using your academic strength to silence debate.

“Isn’t it a big indictment on the professor who perhaps graduated with first class yet couldn’t make it to the national assembly as a lawmaker and a third class graduate is now a lawmaker over you? Never mock anyone because you think you are above them.

“Someone should remind the professor that third class is not a measure of failure neither is first class a measure of success. We have many people with low grades lording it over high flying folks.

“If Prof. Mamza hadn’t bent the rules on demand to help Fatuhu into the University, Fatuhu may likely not be a legislator trying to endanger the Prof’s livelihood, and the nation’s education sector, today.

“It is also not inconceivable that one of those who really merited the admission Prof. helped Fatuhu to corner then would have been the genius to fix all of Nigeria’s problems. Merit should never have to bow before money or contact.” He concluded


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