Negotiating For Global Dominance - YOUNG AND MORE AFRICA CONVENTION 2020

"Never has there been a generation that gives opportunities to young and vibrant individuals. With the emergence of technology and Internet connectivity, young people now know that they have got a lot to offer.

And of course, this is a time when we will have young people blossom into astute thought leaders, influencers, trainers, and leaders in all facets of the economy including politics, economy, and of course, social development.

Part of the challenges most young people face is the inability to look within themselves and acknowledge that they have something inside of them which can be unleashed and put into utilization. This loophole has caused a lot of young people to lay unmoved, their potential; unused, and their dreams; unachieved.

While we acknowledge that young people are beginning to discover their purpose, fact remains that until they access tools and models to move beyond their current state, they will remain stagnant and watch their counterparts take the move.

To this end, YOUNG AND MORE AFRICA project seeks to unearth the various potential lying waste in young people by playing host to result-oriented personalities who have consistently implemented projects in their vibrant stage of life and are living the best of life."

Okoye Ijeoma Dicta, an African youth leader who is set to host the largest virtual convention in Africa said. She is the Project Director of YOUNG AND MORE AFRICA; a pet project set to equip the youth with tools and models to eradicate poverty and equip them for global dominance.

This virtual event which holds from 6th to 8th November, 2020, has an estimated audience capacity of over 15,000 registered participants from across Africa and beyond who are set to have their lives transformed by astute industry experts from across the world. 

Ijeoma is also the founder of a community of over 23,000 writers, authors, entrepreneurs, and professionals, CWIN Africa and the President of CWIN Authors Forum Africa, which continues to support authors and professionals in Africa with new media monetization strategies to grow their influence and impact the world using their intellectual property.

She has fully sponsored and supported young writers through her annual mega CWIN Writing Scholarship where they get financial, moral, and intellectual support to write and publish their books, and inspire their world.

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