ENOUGH IS ENOUGH - Jesudara Emmanuel

It's high time we trooped out,
to campaign for our comfort!
Our leaders are looting a lot of money,
at the expense of our future!
They said Nigerian youths are lazy,
Employ us first to see if we truly are!
No employment to validate our laziness!
They advised us to venture into farming,
But their childrens have not served as an example to us!
They've spoiled the education system for us,
because their offsprings have became a citizen of foreign countries!

They've lied to us for years,
that our sources of income are very low!
Yet, they loot trillions of naira into their personal account!
Can you imagine?
They increased the price of petroleum;
The petroleum we produced in our own country!
As if it's being purchased from foreign countries!
Other countries buy from us,
Yet they are stable than us!
What an insult!

We are tired of double increase in the price of things!
We are tired of leaders,
that are very much less concerned about us!
We are tired of leaders,
absolutely interested in their own pockets!
We are tired of a country,
where those who burn mid-night candles are no longer appreciated!
Where the best graduating student of a school,
receives only an handshake!
But the winner of a reality show goes home with more than eighty-five million naira!
Yet, they say there is no money in Nigeria!
What a blatant lie!

From lockdown to total lockdown,
From total lockdown to peaceful protest!
From protesting to loss of lives and properties!
What an unsafe situation!
We are tired of a country,
where using an iPhone is a crime!
We are tired of a country,
where having a laptop has turned us into a fraudster!
We are tired of a country,
where wearing expensive clothes has automatically turned us into a 'Yahoo Boy' !
We are tired of a country,
where ordinary 'nice hair-cut' makes you a theif!

Tyres and smoke everywhere,
To go out, now a confirm difficulty!
The national flag,
no longer used to celebrate our dignity,
But for protesting and prayer walks in every territory!
Yet, our leaders are doing nothing about it!
Still, we still call them leaders?
What a sarcastic name they have!
First, it was Corona Virus,
ASUU Strike was later welcomed as a guest speaker!
Increase in the cost of petroleum,
later recruited into the association!
Now, it is 'End SARS protest' ;
'End Bad Governance' has also joined the queue!

We said we are tired of SARS,
They gave it a baptismal name (SWAT)!
Will that change the idiosyncrasies of SARS?
We are not fools!
No, we are not!
We have to sòrò sókè!
Corruption don tire us!
We are tired of bad governance,
calling themselves leaders!
We, the leaders of tomorrow;
are now the one protesting,
We are agitating for our rights!
We have to speak up!

The death of innocent blood must end!
Bad governance must end!
We are tired!
Óti súwá!


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