University of Ibadan100L Materials/Slides

University of Ibadan100L Materials/Slides

Hi. We have made a compilation of many useful materials and slides for Fresh Students who have just been admitted to the University of Ibadan. Now is the time to start investments in reading and diligent studying.

The materials are in two categories.

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- General Courses for Faculty of Sciences (which will include some other faculties that take courses from Faculty of Science in 100l like College of Medicine, Faculty of Agriculture, etc)

University of Ibadan100L Materials/Slides Free

- General Courses for Faculty of Arts/Social Sciences (which also includes useful materials for Faculty of Law too).

Follow this link to the Materials for Sciences (On behalf of MB;BS 2K21;
Courtesy: G.O.I.)

Follow this link to the materials for Arts/Law/The Social Sciences (Courtesy - Mirah)

- Follow this link to the materials for Department of Philosophy (Courtesy: Philosophy Department Executives)

University of Ibadan100L Materials/Slides 

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  1. I am sorry but why isnt there materials for education students?