Prayer Contractor - Ogunnika Abosede


     I am Aare Aladura, a prayer contractor. Are you surprised ?🤷🏻‍♀ Just as you get job, na so I get job too.

    My job had brought food on my table and brought cash into my hands.  But for the past one month, I have been in a mess, visiting the court now and then.

   Flash back⚡⚡⚡

  That faithful day, a woman by the name Mrs Eddie Jane came to me, telling me she needed my help. She told me how she has no time to pray. How she works from 8am-10pm daily and  how she knew it's gonna take long for God to answer.

   I told her that isn't a problem. I do the PRAYERING, she does the PAYING. She asked me to also add 7days fast with the prayer for the result to come sharp - sharp.

   We made an agreement. She paid #300,000 and the work began.
    On the second day of the fast, I had this chronic stomach pain.So I decided not to fast. I went down the street, got one big soft drink, 2 sandine, 2 big sliced of bread.
   Immmediatly, I got home, I began to devour the meal but forgot to close the door. Na so Mrs Eddie Jane walked in unannounced and caught me eating.

       She got angry and promised to sue me for breach of agreement.😱
  Na the mess I dey now......

  Please help me OoO😭😭😭😭

 Who is at fault ?
---The lazy woman or
--- My greedy self


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