CAMPUS TORI: 6 Romantic Places in the University of Ibadan


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Hello my people! If you hear say E don happen, E don happen be that o. This Corona Bambus abi na virus of a thing don affect all of us wey be students so tey, we go just sit-down at home; dey press phone from morning till night. We con dey lonely as if we be singles 😛.

I dey sure say, the major reason why many of us dey miss school no be because of classes, grades or exams. Na because of that babe or guy wey you don dey eye 😉 abi knack 🙄 for school. My brother, my sister, E go be!

I'll be bringing back hilarious, amazing and thrilling experiences and spots from school to our memories again this break. Today, I'll be doing a list of places where Romance go open in the University of Ibadan. It's the scope of the Romantic Ambience of the School.

For Fresh Students who have not resumed school yet, you may not find this as fun as it should be. Just hang on💓😀, continue and get experiences before hand.

#1. Indomie Stand : I resumed school as a freshman sometimes last year. You know, as a fresher, you'd want to explore and tour round school and of course, have fun to its fullest, because for some of us, this might be the first opportunity we'd have to be away from parents and exposed to 100% freedom.

These I did, but it almost went wrong 😂.

The first week of Resumption was kinda free. Registrations weren't going seriously as expected and classes had nor started either. I went out one a fateful day to tour, I saw an indomie Stand and walked in to eat, tho, I wasn't hungry 😎. I met two ladies seated opposite me. I thought I was in my village or street, so I greeted them calmly and offered to buy them food and drinks. They agreed sharp sharp. 🤦🙆.

After the order was placed, then I just realized that I intended eating there too 😩. But by this time, I had exhausted all the money on me. I spent 3k as a Father Christmas on strangers I've not set my eyes upon till now. I strongly doubt if they were freshers 😂💔.

The indomie Stand at the back of the Independence Hall, and very close to Queen Idia Hall, is a wonderful place for open Romance in UI. It's usually filled up with students at nights especially (and of course, students in pairs 🤤). If you go here as a guy, something will push you to spend 😣 (like ikr), but I'd advise you to spend wisely. Some girls have no chills 🤐.

#2. You and I food building (U & I) : usually, Students in pairs are seen in large numbers in front of the Queen Idia Hall gate - these ones are LEGENDS. The very shy ones are the ones who move downwards towards the U & I food building area or the passengers' shed.

Along this axis, a lot of smooching, fondling and scenes could take place. The gloomy and cold breeze offered by the tall trees around here makes these activities easy and concealed.

I sincerely haven't had any experiences here 😑🤨😂😂. But I suppose the number of students that loom around here are majorly Zikites, Katangites, Awoites and Idiaties. I have no doubts about Idiaties - na their hall 🤨.

#3. Awo Hall driveway: And yes! We're here! There's a belief in UI that most of the ladies in Awo hall are potential wife materials, and ladies here are mannered and well cultured. So if a hall is full of wife materials (100 yards fah 😂), potential suitors must be seen lurking around such vicinity.

It's not that I come here too, but I... 😎😎🤤😋, You should understand!

What brings most guys here (from all the male halls) is seeing their ladies off or Walking them down from school area at night. Tho, some normally schedule meetings 😜. Most of the 'seeing off'usually lead to 30minutrs or more discussion along the driveway.

You know, UI is Known for learning and discipline. I love the way the night watch men at Awo hall flash their Torchlights at the students in pairs - normally, that's an indication for males to leave the vicinity.

#4. TECH Road: this is one of the most silent places in UI, especially in the evenings and night. I'll call it an offshoot of escapades from Awo hall driveway and U & I food building. People mostly end their conversations here. Tho, some friends normally hang around here intentionally. It's usually interesting to see sights and hear sounds of love display from people.

There's a building of the Food Technology Department here, also the Admissions Office which has an open space - lovers can be seen chasing themselves around here sometimes and even sit in the drainages here 😪😂. A lot of smooching happens around here.

#5. Faculty of Education: let's go a little far from hostels area to school area. Faculty of Education road leads from the back of The Mosque and The Chapel downwards to am imaginary dead end 😂☠️. It is usually lonely in the evenings and nights too and it's a welcomed area for lovers walk and strolling. Coming here with your bae/boo will just be your own version of the"long walk to freedom" 🤡. This is a nice avenue to talk over and settle disputes or conflicts in relationships.

#6. SUB Car Park: we could be right to say that the Students Union Building is situated at the centre and heartbeat of the University. My assertion here could just be a dignified guess because the Students Union Building is very close to major locations in school are and some halls of residences too.

At nights, the Car Park in SUB is usually full of students and of course, in pairs. You know, the Students Union Buildings in higher institutions are usually the mostly lively and scintillating place of attraction. Some evenings are blessed with Trade Fairs from different brands, companies and businesses. Most times, when there's a product/brand display, DJs are invited and some grills guys. The vibe is usually present here and makes here interesting to spend with a partner. I sometimes come around here - with nobody tho 😑😂 to clear my head and relax.


I know my list didn't capture some other places - that's why I created a comments section. Let me know about these places and let's share memories and experiences too! 😁

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  1. You fuck up, no love garden

  2. What about the love garden opposite Queens’ Hall, a lot of romantic scenes sure goes down here.

  3. Botanical garden
    Zoological garden
    Anatomy in the evening
    Nursing garden
    Heritage Park


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