Who Will Be The Next Campus Verve Crush?

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Lately, we began a Column for Profiles of Nigerian Students; Campus Verve Crush, which is an avenue for we to get to meet beautiful Nigerian Students in various Varsities and higher institutions of learning.

Today, we're glad to announce the Online Voting Contest for Our Next Campus Verve Crush. We'll pick three of our previous Crushes and place them on the Contestants platform and they'll get links to receive votes. The Contestant with the Highest Nominations through the Comments Section on their Profiles get our reward!

Campus Verve Crush
Who Will Be Campus Verve's Crush?

This is What Campus Verve Crush means if this is your first time of hearing about us.
About Campus Verve Crush.

Don't forget, this is going to be fun. So just relax, check out the following profiles and vote for anyone you think should be our next Crush ❤️😍.

Contest Begins on Monday, 13th April 2020 and Ends in :

Campus Verve Crush
Vote For Contestant 1

Campus Verve Crush
Vote For Contestant 2

Campus Verve Crush
Vote For Contestant 3

Voting Starts on 13th April to 21st April.

- Click on your most preferred Contestant's link and Scroll down to the comment box and drop a comment. Every comment is a vote already casted. Multiple comments are prohibited! Thank You.

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