Guys, this is how to help your Lady having premenstrual symptoms

Guys, this is how to help your partner having premenstrual symptoms

Guys, this is how to help your partner having premenstrual symptoms

Guys, the first thing you need to know about periods is that ideally, women get them every month.
Premenstrual symptoms, mostly known as just PMS, are symptoms usually preceding a woman’s monthly period.
PMS can take the form of nausea, tender breasts, acne, cramps, bloating, mood swings and irritability.
Basically, PMS is like the frustration you feel after sitting in traffic for three hours.
Not all women experience PMS and even among the women experiencing PMS, the symptoms occur in various degrees, normal for some and awful for others.
Additionally, PMS could either occur physically or emotionally.
You may be wondering; “if this is a female problem, how can I be of help?”
for starters, she’s cranky, in pain, and might be irritated by your very presence.
Offer emotional support
Since PMS occurs with strong to weak emotional stress and changes, it’s likely your partner might be emotionally vulnerable.
Tend to her emotional needs. Converse with her, listen to what she has to say and even when she acts out of character, try to understand that these changes might be triggered by her PMS.
Avoid making period jokes or being inconsiderate of her feelings. To be more clear, you may ask her genuinely about what she wants and how she feels.
Oh, and yes, some women only just want to cuddle and be warm, so be an adorable teddy bear to your partner.
Offer to help out with tasks
In addition to being emotionally and mentally vulnerable, your partner is most likely not her 100% best physically.
Crampings, tender breasts, nausea, might be some of her PMS and these could hinder her full physical performance.

You may offer to be useful by helping with unfinished tasks.
Do not ask silly questions
In other words, do not be a nuisance. Rather than stress your partner more she already feels, it’s best to keep a distance.
Resist the temptation to ask silly questions, makes snide comments about her period or period jokes. No, it will not be funny and you might get on her bad side.
In addition to observing these three activities, make an effort to keep track of your partner’s menstrual cycle. This way, you can know (with advanced period tracking applications), when she’s expecting her next period.
Also, try conducting some research on PMS and periods to better understand.
If you notice her PMS is going out of hand, you may need to book an appointment with a doctor.
Trust that if you’re a devoted partner to your woman during her periods, you’ll forever be in her good books..

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