COVID-19: University of Ibadan donates face mask to Abadina and Agbowo communities

As a corporate social responsibility, the University of Ibadan Management, on Tuesday 28th April, Flaged-off the distribution of face mask for Abadina and Agbowo communities.

The Ten (10) Minutes event held at the front of Trenchard Hall thereafter proceeded to the said communities (Abadina and Agbowo)

The institution's Deputy Vice Chancellor, Research, Innovation and Strategic Partnership (RISP), Professor Olanike Adeyemo said "as a corporate social responsibility, the University of Ibadan gave out face masks to communities within and around our institution. Mobile applications were developed for monitoring of the exercise for follow up tracking since most of the beneficiaries are expected to be role models in their communities and the app captures their information which makes subsequent evaluation and research possible."

Recall that the president of the Federal Republic Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari made compulsory, the wearing of face mask for every Nigerian citizen in a national broadcast on Monday, 27th April 2020. He said the use of face mask while in public would help to prevent the spread of the rampaging pandemic. Hence, the compulsory use of face mask by every Nigerian citizen who appears in public.

Truly, the University of Ibadan is the first and best among all. Kudos!

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