COVID 19: From Lockdown to Shutdown - Oladipupo Emmanuel

From lockdown to shutdown,
Tears swept down the face of many,
Arm robbers now present everywhere,
Police siren always making noise,
Our sleep are always being disturbed,

To close our eyes at night is now a problem,
Our innocent fathers are always awake at night,
They've became the security of the entire society,
Lives and properties are being destroyed,

Face mask is now the trending outfit,
Sanitizers is now an expensive liquid,
Washing of hands is now the latest habit,

To open our door is now fearful,
The happiness of people is gradually washing away,
Religious places have been benched,
Learning centres has been on suspension,
Programmes have been cancelled for now,

Burnt tyres now lieing all around,
The heat generated appearing uncomfortable,
Movement has been restricted,
Our freedom has has been collected from us,

Hunger is now the talk of the day,
Three-square meals have reduced to one,
The boringness is  now over-bearing,
But we believe this will end at last.

 Oladipupo Emmanuel.

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