COVID 19: Campus Verve Giveaway.

Hey! How's the lockdown going there? We hope you're safe and adhering to simple health safety practices. We know how difficult it may be these times to get basic needs. Even if you have money at hand, getting some basic things to buy may be difficult because of the curfews and total or partial lockdowns.

We at Campus Verve have decided to come up with our help and support. We'll be giving out freebies and airtime to Nigerian Students.

It's going to be a Search. Our airtimes and freebies have been hidden in any of the following links below. So you'll have to search for the airtimes 🤞🤞😉.

PS:- You can save this page and check some other day. The giveaway will end at the eradication of this epidemic.

Start The Search Now!!

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5G and COVID-19: The technology, conspiracy and ignorance


Pray For Me - Victoress Fisayomi Osho

+18 STORY: Ecstasy of Teenage hood

10 Mind blowing Yoruba Cute Names To Call Your Lover

"Being Able to Speak Out and Overcome My Traumatic Sexual Encounter as a Child is the Best thing that has ever happened to me", Taiwo Olawale Richard - Campus Verve Crush

Good luck!
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