COVID 19: The Assertions of NCDC are Wrong. We Have a Significant Number of Medical Laboratory Scientists in Molecular Testing - YMSF

Yesterday, the House of Representatives through their handle on Twitter gave a report on the state of the Laboratories and personnels in charge of the Laboratories for the COVID 19 testing in the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

“We need to expand our testing labs across the country. Presently, we have two lab scientists in molecular testing, serving seven labs across the country. As we are expanding across the country, we need more people to be trained in molecular testing for faster results”.
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Their tweet received so many controversial replies and reactions especially from different Associations of Medical Laboratory Scientists in Nigeria.

Medical Laboratory Scientists in Nigeria also gave reactions that the House of Representatives were either Being informed wrongly about the number of Scientists in the lab or the entire testing process.

Replying to
It is not true that only 2 medical lab scientists have competence in molecular diagnosis. In Jos alone, we have over 20 who have been active on the bench on molecular diagnosis.
has recently submitted a list of about 200scientist to FG with these skills.

Read the Tweet and Replies here

The Nigerian Medical Laboratory Science Students Association also reacted against this. A press release from the President of the Union in a Federal University is copied thus:


I wish to bring to our notice & awareness as well as also draw our attention to the tweets of the meeting held between the leadership of our nation's House of Representatives, the Ministers of Health & State for Health respectively.

"I understand that certain tweets made by the House of Reps through their account @HouseNGR on twitter yesterday (06-04-2020) portrays a rather unfavourable image of our profession, career, efforts & being."

"We might not be certain for sure, if the leadership of the honourable house were misinformed or if the report given was misinterpreted along the line, but whatsoever reports from which they drew such conclusions pose a threat to our essence as indigenous citizens who do our quota and obviously play our roles well in preventing further brain drain from happening in the nation."

To this effect, I entreat all Medical Laboratory Scientists in training in our honourable chapter; UNIZIK to join fellow students in other chapters as well as already practising professionals around the nation to queue in the labour of debunking these claims by using our accounts on Twitter to tweet & retweet sensible and respectful tweets —that are in line with this topic— with either or all of these hashtags:


Even after a letter was copied them on the 1st of April, 2020 by the national president of AMLSN clearly stating the manpower (skill), capacity (Medical Laboratory Science professionals), willingness (up to the point of being willing to contribute in the renumeration of these indigenous experts) & readiness to join in the fight against this pandemic, they chose to throw shades on our prestigious profession. This is a rather sensitive situation, and we won't let it slide off so easily.

Thank you as you join every other student & practitioner in this good fight. Endeavour to continue the practice of personal hygiene whilst you *#StayHome*. God bless & stay safe!

Comr. Anowai, W. Ifeanyichukwu
Chief Servant, NiMELSSA UNIZIK

Read the Tweet and Replies here

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