Why we need to really round UTME CANDIDATES? - Abdulkabeer Tijani

Why we need to really round UTME CANDIDATES?

By Abdulkabeer Tijani

Depression is one of the greatest psychological imbalances that can befall anybody in this present century. Nobody is ever greater than it. In fact, if one does not have the right set of people within, it can lead to some greater consequences while the most likely one is early death.

In the last 72hrs, UTME results of those that sat for the examination since Saturday has been made available for checking. Amidst this development, most of the candidates who took part in the examination has been expressing mixed reactions in regards to the results. While the most deteriorating onces are those that claimed to have studied hard for the exam and now the result they are getting is not commensurate to the efforts that have been put in during the course of preparing for the examination.

No doubt, this without mincing words could graduate into depression and a complete lose of interest in the minds of these set of students. Having been privilege to mingle with some of these candidates, I have discovered that the zeal has actually been dieing, some have been taking a U-turn while some few has been left in constant weeping since the results was checked. Just 24hrs ago, I learnt of a candidate who have not been eating and discussing with people as a result of her performance and there was also a case of a candidate who almost abscounded from home but was later rescued by a close associate.

Besides, when we look in-depthly into this syndrome, one would observe that the pressure most of these candidates gets from their parents & guardians as a result of this low performance is one that cannot be understated. In fact, in some homes am aware that some students are usually been talked bad to and deprived some opportunities in the home. To some few, it might mean the end of education. To say fact, no one would ever be happy investing in someone or anything and not getting a measurable returns at the culminated but then It shouldn't get to the extent of leaving the person in a complete state of depression. The consequences is always greater when it arises.

Looking at it from another perspective, the rot in our education system makes all of these abnormalities persist. Right from childhood, we have only been natured to see light in best grades and as such ostracizing those that have little challenges in making A's in Examination. Now when these sets of students eventually manage their ways into universities, they get boiled down with series of lectures pandemonium while at the end most of them commit suicide since they believe that's the best alternative to at least relief them of ill talks from their parents.

Going forward, more of sterilizing words should be spoken unto them. The fact that you didn't make the minimum cut off mark for your university of choice does not mean that's the end. It only means you are not qualified to be admitted in that particular school. There are lots of Polytechnics and Monotechnics willing to admit you even with that low score in UTME.

Cbt/tutorial directors should start enlightening this set of students by giving them First-hand information on all they need to know about the admission processes. They shouldn't at any point speak ill to any candidate on their performance. Although, there is room for making one realise mistakes but we should be mindful of usage of words. They hurt only if we know.

To those set of students who triumph and have been dancing to different types of GBEDUs just to celebrate their victory. Please let's be conscious of how we do this. The fact that you triumph in this examination does not makes you an hero but rather open the floor for you to do more. Try as much as possible to rally round those colleagues of yours who were unable to make high score. Speak motivationally to them and always give them reason to do more and not to withdraw interest.

To the parents, please let's meticulously criticise those young minds. We understand that you are pained, If not for anything but at least for the large amount of resources gathered together to make them pertake in the examination. But the truth is, attimes there are some happenings we don't have control over. Those children actually tried there best but then the unthinkable overuled. It not the end of the world and even it does not necessarily mean that those resources were wasted. NO! it's never. Just give them the opportunity to run the race again and you would be glad you did.

In conclusion, I do hope that if proper englightment on how admission processes looks like is been embarked on and how parents & guardians reactes to this it would go a long way in re-shaping how those candidates relates with circumstances like this and at the culminated curtail the risk of having an rate of suicide committeers all in the name of BEST SCORE

Abdulkabeer Tijani is a kindergarten student at University of Ibadan, Co-founder @ Googul Nigeria and writes from Lagos. 

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