Why Alternative Education Matters - Abdulkabeer Tijani

Why Alternative Education Matters

Abdulkabeer Tijani

In this contemporary world, the link between successful people and getting bad grades at school is often overstated. In fact, the general belief is that education in the form of attending classes is the only way to success. And that is why in many homes today children are been forced out to attend school at all costs.

However, the burning question underneath is: why should education be a function of the classroom? Why must best grades in school be the only parameter to measure the best brains in the society? Is it that all other forms of education outside the classroom is irrelevant? Please we need to know.

To begin with, education remains one of the strongest institutions in the globe ordinarily because of its general relevance to our modern society and its contribution to world development. Universally, it is believed that without education one would not be reckoned with not even any amount of earthly goodies could buy the reputation and this is one of the reasons education is seen as a fundamental human right that must be accorded to all human beings.

However, in this part of the world, it is highly devastating how this term has been exaggerated and misconstrued. It is as a result of these abnormalities that the institution has been unable to achieve the primary purpose of why it was recognised globally as a fundamental human right.

The concentration has been placed totally on best grades in school that once you fail you are considered to be a dullard and an unserious element. Some even go as far as labelling students with all sorts of inhuman names without even trying to identify the basic problems. It is as a result of this treatment that students become useless later in life even after attending the best schools. While the consequences remain that such child becomes a problem to the society, ends up jobless and roaming about the street lifelessly.

Aside, the bitter truth remains that alternative education such as start-ups is one of those core areas that students need to be groomed and enlightened on. One of such reasons is that it is the only way that guarantees you the efficient use of that amazing minds to solve real-life problems. Why must you depend on good grades for survival? Why can’t you think outside the box and start working on your own start-ups rather than depending on people most especially in terms of salary for survival? Honestly, these are just some of the topical issues that students need to be tutored on.

Diving into the practical world, there are many people who have succeeded in start-ups by solving real-time problems. These are individuals that have not limited themselves to the four corners of the classroom, instead, see light in alternative education, think outside the box, take risks, and build their knowledge through practical experience. And you know what, even the school is now forced to embrace these ideas simply because they are solutions to conflicting problems.

Facebook was created to solve the problem of connecting with friends from anywhere in the globe, now the owner is one of the world’s richest. Uber was introduced to help people find and share rides, now, it’s worth 15.7 billion dollars. These are innovations that never existed until they were made to work. So, basically, problem-solving is the key in start-ups.

In addition, the fact still is that, just like it is not possible for everyone to gain admission to study Law at the University of Ibadan, it is also not possible for everyone to have best grades in school. Therefore, our success in life shouldn’t be a function of conventional education.

I close by saying, at some point in our early stages in life, we all envisage brighter days ahead (I said “brighter”, not “bright”). Then, you had little children chanting with great alacrity, I want to be a lawyer, I want to be a doctor, I want to be a pilot to mention a few. Wait, does this anthem still exist?

So sad, little did we know that all of these dreams are a perfect example of someone building castles in the air. The system and even the setting in which we have found ourselves is enough reason why it cannot be achieved. No provisions for our sustainability.

You know what, even those few that strive harder to secure a brighter future for themselves funny enough, it’s still this same system and setting that deprived them and made them redundant. Unemployment!
Surprisingly, Our parents who are supposed to be our first agents of socialization thereby enlightening us, unveiling the hidden truth about our immediate society to us, guiding us aright and also taking their time to explain a whole lots of things to us, do not even have a detailed knowledge of the system and setting in which we have found ourselves. At some point, they were also failed. Just look around, lots of scenarios are out there for you to learn from.

Take it or leave it, the truth is, our government has failed us, they have really bitten more than they can chew and now it is up to us to proffer solutions to the problems that wish to completely consume us.

Abdulkabeer Tijani is a Kindergarten Student of History, University of Ibadan. Co-Founder Googul Nigeria & The Inks Community respectively. He can be reached via: [email protected]

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