My First Date In 2022. What A Nigerian Lady Did.

My First Date In 2022. What A Nigerian Lady Did.

What happened yesterday left me in shock.
I least expected it. Not from a Nigerian lady.

Yesterday I went to visit a lady in her state. Arriving her state, I told her I've dropped.

She texted me to go to an eatery and wait for her. I didn't want to spend much on her so I asked for an average eatery bought a drink and waited for her. 
She came and told me she didn't like the place that it was crowded. She took me to one bigger eatery within there. Just as I entered the eatery I said to my self "I ain't spending more than 5k here". We sat and she called the waiter and asked me to make my order I told her to make first. She ordered for food and drinks for herself. I later ordered for mine. What I ordered outweigh hers in price because I said to myself "I can't spend less on me and more on a leech". 

After eating we sat down to gist. Along the line I felt pressed and I went to the gent. Came back gist and it was time to go. I went to the waiter asked her how much the bill is. She said 11,600. I pulled out my purse to get my card I heard the waiter said "She has paid". I asked "She? who?" She said "the lady you followed paid". I was shocked and felt ashamed. 

My First Date In 2022. What A Nigerian Lady Did.

Since I was born, this is the first time a Nigerian girl has ever spent on me.

I am just shocked and feeling guilty.. I had to take her to a shopping mall to buy her stuffs. Getting to the mall I told her to pick any thing she wants that I will pay.

She picked just 3 things. When we got to the counter the cashier said the bill is 870. 

I was shocked again that she didn't get more things for herself. With joy, I gave the cashier 1000 and told him to keep the change.

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