Just one day to Live

Just One DAY to LIVE.

Imagine if you were told that you would die in the next 24 hours.
I mean that sounds crazy, right? But if it was really true, what would you like to do in the last 24 hours of your life?
That might be a very very hard question and thinking about it could just drive you nuts. But, we can actually grab an insight into this whole puzzle from something that actually knows what it feels like to just live for a day.
The Mayfly.

Mayflies are small insects, close relatives of the dragonflies. They lay their eggs in water which after some time hatch into the mayfly larvae. The larvae live in the water, feeding and developing until they’re ready to become adults which then fly out of the water. The adult mayfly is quite handicapped if we may say. Their mouthparts aren’t developed so they can’t feed. And just adding to the list of troubles, they will only live for 24 hours or even less in some species and it’s in this 24 hours the mayfly must carry out one of the critical processes needed to maintain it’s species; it must reproduce. So typically you’ll see a swarm of mayflies mating after they fly their first flight. So, what can we actually learn from the mayfly?

You see, for the mayfly, almost nothing else matters the moment it’s out of the water, than being able to find a mate. Though it can see the beautiful flowers, the forest scenery, the beauty of the skies, I mean there’s so much that you would possibly want to go after if you had a lot of eyes which insects happen to have but it must stay true to what it has to achieve.
If the mayfly fails to find a mate during it’s 24 hours of life, its species might end up going extinct. So, to us all, don’t get scared or worried about having just 24 hours to live. We all expect to live long healthy lives by God’s grace.
But we can make this a watchword: MAKE EACH DAY COUNT. Making the most out of every opportunity you get, to do the greatest things; things that really matter. There’s actually a lot of distractions that we see, but we can of course shut our eyes to those things which obviously won’t get us near our goals. Let’s live each day as though we had JUST A DAY TO LIVE and make EACH SINGLE MOMENT IN IT COUNT.
                                                                             ~Adebayo Emmanuel

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