JAMB Orders ABU to Change Candidate's Course From Anatomy To Medicine

Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) ordered the Ahmadu Bello University (ABU) medicine offers an aspiring institution's wife. The aspiring woman, Thomas Goodness Shekwobyalo of Niger State said he was offered Anatomy instead of medicine, she asked for ABU.

JAMB Registrar, Professor Ishaq Oloyede gave this directive Bwari, Abuja during a review meeting with the representative of the Commissioner for Education in Niger State, Attahiru Bellu, the ABU admissions officer, Haruna Ali Mohammed, representatives of civil society and senior officials of the agency.

The girl and parents who were absent from the meeting despite being invited alleged that she was denied admission to medical studies, even after scoring 302 in 2019 because she UTME is a Christian.

However, when considering the case of the girl during the meeting, it was discovered that UBS has decided to peg its merit list to two candidates by the outgoing State Shekwobyalo of candidates selected for the medicine.

The JAMB Registrar, Oloyede said despite the fact that it has been proven that Shekwobyalo has not experienced discrimination on religious or ethnic; it was wrong to ABU to limit to two per state merit list.

On this basis, the Registrar JAMB said the board decided to cancel the admission Anatomy and directed UBS to give notice that she offered to read medicine. However, it is left for her to accept or reject.

The Shekwobyalo lady, who is not of Benue as being defended by Governor Samuel Ortom, had alleged that he was denied admission for medicine because it is a Christian.

He also claimed that scored 309 to get up in the state of Niger, but religious factor was used against him.

In the review session where all the facts were placed on the table, it was discovered that the girl is in the state of Niger and Benue State no.

He also realized that by average score, it was not the best of the state despite its score of 309 in UTME.

The breakdown of the top three candidates in Niger is: Isah Mujahid (UTME, 296; Post-UTME, 303, and the average score of 299); Hassan Ruqayyat Ndaisa
(UTME, 275; Post-UTME, 309, and the average score 292) and Thomas Goodness Shekwobyalo (UTME, 309; Post-UTME, 274, and the average score 288).

But JAMB found ABU decided to link their merit list two candidates for each state leaving out Shekwobyalo of preselected for medicine.

Shekwobyalo also changed his course of anatomy after a call / adviser who allegedly received from ABU.

Could not, however, provide any evidence that JAMB or identify who advised him to change course.

However, the Registrar, Oloyede jamb said it was wrong to limit its ABU merit list to two per state.

Also he said: "Instead of innuendo, this meeting has shown that Shekwobyalo was no discrimination on religious or ethnic grounds.

"We found that has shifted from medicine to anatomy.

"I talked to her, but she said someone calls to switch to the anatomy. So far, he has not shown any evidence.

"We found that ABU did something wrong. They were distributing merit on the basis of the state. They decided to offer medicine to two candidates by state.

"One of the achievements of this meeting is how to legitimize their admission to Medicine (MBBS).

"We decided to invest their anatomy income. ABU should be put on notice that has been offered to read Medicine. It leaves it to accept or reject.

"JAMB exists to ensure fairness and justice for all. I have addressed many similar cases around seven universities without sensationalism on the basis of religion or tribalism ".

The Director of Schools and Educational Services, Mr. Bellu Attahiru, who represented the Commissioner for Education, said: "Obviously not discriminated along the grounds of religion. I'll let the government of Niger State know the facts as established at present. Thank JAMB to reverse the admission of Anatomy medicine ".

In the presence of all parties concerned, Admission Officer ABU, Haruna Ali, of course Shekwobyalo made to medicine.

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