Ecstasy of Teenage hood

Ecstasy of Teenage hood

Episode One

Jolami moved round the King sized bed in her room. She had been meeting someone else since our last argument. I could trace the clear lines of betrayal and disloyalty in her eyes which had suddenly become pale.

I moved closer to her to caress her as usual not minding her current emotional state, but she stepped backwards and fell on the bed, deliberately spreading her legs apart.
"Abbey, please come to me. Make me a woman", Jolami said without thinking what would happen after.

" Jolami, you're already a woman. Seventeen years is not a day's journey. I have decided to make it a surprise for you. Please be calm and bear with me. It's just for our own good. Okay, let me be very frank with you. On your birthday next month, we would make love to its fullness".
"That was how you promised the last time even on my last birthday too. Abbey, I can not bear this anymore. This is the seventeenth time you are letting me down", she said carelessly trying to put her legs together.

"If you don't give in this time, I'd be forced to quit this relationship! For heaven's sake! I'm starving and missing out. Virtually all my friends are not new to this thing. In fact, I'm leaving. When you're done, meet me in the living room".
Jolami stood up, adjusted her skimpy dress which had hiked up above her thighs and headed for the door. I quickly followed her and held her by the hand and made her turn to face me.

"Jolami, you know I can not do without you. I'll do anything for you, but..."
"Plus this one. Make me feel like a woman please! Are you not a man?" Jolami interrupted loosening my hand from hers.
"It's not that I cannot do this but.."
Jolami pushed me and I fell softly to the bed and she climbed nimbly on my chest. I thought I had seen enough until she reached for the zip of my trousers and undid it. And we made love.


I opened my eyes and found Jolami sleeping right beside me. She was completely naked and shamelessly uncovered. The deed was done. This was what she wanted and we eventually got it.
I wouldn't deny too. We enjoyed it. I enjoyed my very first sex and it was a wow! It was cheap and gotten on a platter of gold with the very lady my heart loves and resonates with. The love of my life and 'mine' everything.

So this is how interesting the 'sex' we were warned of is. Sex is indeed sweet!
Still lost in thoughts, I felt cold on my right side and when I checked the bed on which we were, there was blood, Jolami's Hymen had broken. I touched it and it felt cold and sticky.
Jolami was faithful. She had kept herself intact for me. What a honour! I felt honoured and dignified. I wanted to wake her up and thank her but I noticed another thing. It was past twelve that night.
"What! We had had sex for 3 hours!"
"Is anyone in?" I asked Jolami as I tapped her left arm.

"Yes, Mum and Dad are at home. But their room is upstairs. They can not know you're in here. They rarely check on me in my room and if they do, my room is big enough for you to hide".
Suddenly there was a knock  on the door as if it was planned. I didn't need Jolami to tell me where to hide myself. I picked up my dress and ran stealthily to her bathroom.
Then the door cracked open..

It was a dream.
I woke up sweating profusely, Soaked with my own sweat.

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© Philip Vincent Abayomi

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