Ecstasy of Teenage Hood 4

Ecstasy of Teenage Hood 4

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Episode Four

It still continued to rain. This time, it was heavy and heavier than when it started. Water had  covered the tarred road and vehicles that were in motion before had o come to halt so as to prevent their tyres from slipping off track.

Drainages had began to get filled up due to the dirt's people had thrown into them. It was typical for the average house to empty their refuse into drainages when it's about raining, so the drainage may push the refuse away.

This thought wasn't wise enough because the effect of loading refuse into the  drainages would later bounce back at them. The drainages were already filled with dirt's from different houses, the water couldn't flow and so it had to overflow to the road.

Unfortunately, the shed where we his for shelter had began to lick too. We first thought it will just lick a little but the rain seemed never to stop. It finally burst half of the shelter open.

We had to stay very close together like clustered flowers. Our clothes were soaked. Jolami's dress was tightly fitted round her body figure. I could see through her dress. She wore a pink underwear.
Splashes of sand were on our legs and this made our shoes dirty and very heavy.
Jolami looked up at me and smiled. This gave me the courage to turn serious and tell her  how beautiful she was.
I think I was stupid. "In the rain?" I thought.
I still half-expected to be pushed away or for her to say something about  how silly and young we were, but she didn't. So I  grew bolder and took her hand. And then, because she didn't resist, I drew her more closer for a kiss. My very first kiss in life. Very long and lingering.

For the rest of time we spent under the shed, we spent as much time bodily fitted together.

© Philip Vincent Abayomi

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