Ecstasy of Teenage hood 3

Ecstasy of Teenage hood 3

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Episode 3

Birds twittered, rats squeaked and frogs were croaking gently this morning. It rained last night and there were still pregnant clouds in the sky.
It was a Sunday morning. Everyone had to go to church since it was our usual custom to keep Sunday holy and work free.

Mummy was busy in the kitchen making breakfast while my siblings were preparing for church. The rattling sound if the kitchen utensils persisted and so I got up to take my bath.

At around 7.30am, we were all set for church and Daddy was to take us to church which was three kilometers from our house. It was the Jesus Charismatic Gospel Church, popularly known as JCGC and Jesus Church, that we attended on Sundays.

I remembered the times we had to walk to church, then Daddy did not have a car and he had not started attending church. Mummy and some members of our church had to persistently convince him to start attending. And funny enough, He attached a condition to him going to church. Which was; 'Our God' should provide him a car and get him a better employment.

One day, we had left home for church. Daddy was still at home when we Left but we met him in church. We were very surprised and Daddy told us that our God had granted him his request. It was then we remembered that Daddy had been acting funny since Friday when he came back from work. He was very bright and happy. That was the day Daddy bought his first car.

We got to church and service started. We had Sunday school which ended by 9am. Next was the praise and worship section.
It was usual for the youths in the church to dance in circles in front of the chairs at the altar.

When I got back to my seat, I saw Jolami sitting beside my chair. I was an experience I had to get over from. I thought I was daydreaming. I smiled and hugged her. This was her first time in Jesus Church. She was gorgeously and perfectly dressed.


Something else happened that struck me. There was another girl that sat beside me. She was completely light in complexion and tall. Her beauty was hidden in the lines of her complexion. She was also endowed with a fresh and baby like skin. This was her first time too in our church I guessed.

The problem with the lady was her dress. It was blue, skimpy, short and transparent. It caught the attention of every man that sat on that row.
What she did that confused me more was her looseness. She sat carelessly and without manners. I had to occasionally stare at her laps.

I wouldn't say I enjoyed it because the devil under me had started gaining momentum. Anytime she adjusted and hit me, the more charged I became.
I was just helpless.

When it was time for the Pastor's sermon, I knew I was in for it. My stupid self made my pen to fall under the chair so as to get a better and clearer view of her posture.
"Oh you're blessed all the time! Rise up and shine. Com'mon tell your neighbour that!" Pastor said.
"Sir, I'm already blessed here" I said, now fully staring at her thighs.

The lady noticed my eyes and winked at me.


Thank God for Jolami who tapped me and jolted me back to consciousness.
"You're blessed Abbey" Jolami said, revealing her set of sparkling white teeth. Perfectly dented!


Church was over but I had to wait for choir rehearsal.
The fair lady was corrected by the ushers, and told not to wear such dress to church again.
Jolami decided to wait for me.  Her parents were uncomfortable at first because that was their first time there but I calmed them and assured them that their daughter was in safe hands.

Choir rehearsals was long, longer than it used to be; or maybe it was because Jolami was waiting for me. I occasionally excused myself to go and check in her.
When practice was over, I went to meet Jolami and we walked home, side by side, hand in hand and  heart in heart😂😁

We talked, chattered and sang all the way home. We discussed about Church and I didn't forget to tell her about the lady that sat beside me and trust me, I omitted the part of the story that I consciously and purposely stared at her.
All Jolami did was to hit me gently and carefully on my chest.

"I'll die for you one day, just as Jesus did for us" I said carrying her right hand and placing it on my chest.
"You mean it?" She replied laughing.
We made a turn to the junction that finally led us home then it started raining. It was light at first but later became heavy. That we had to run under a shed.

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© Philip Vincent Abayomi

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