Pray For Me


With this helpless heart
Overwhelmed with sorrow,
I kneel with my face to the ground in shame,
I have lost my name,
Pray for me and I won't remain the same.

Pray for me,
I've gotten to a point where I don't know how to pray
For I'm weary and my faith is worn,
I'm desolate and afflicted,
I've fallen and
I've become spiritually weak,

Pray for me,
My hope has faded!
Pray for me!
I hold thy hands tightly,
I will never let it go!
Bend a little and kiss me with the kisses of your mouth,
Embrace me,
For I long to be gathered in your arms

Pray for me!
Your tongue shakes the wilderness!
Your voice break the cedars!
Your voice divide the flames of fire!

Pray for me.
My heart sinks,
My heart stinks,
Pray for me,
That I may come out of the deep waters.

Whisper a prayer lord!



This piece was written by Victoress Fisáyò Osho.
Writer//spokenWordArtiste//Geophysicist// Guitarist.

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