10 Reasons Why Your Man Hasn’t Popped The ‘Will You Marry Me’ Question Yet

You have been in a relationship with this fantastic guy whom you think the world of. He gives you the butterfly effect, when you are with him you feel on top of the world and you see yourself making some mini-mes with him in the nearest future, but he hasn’t gotten round to popping the question yet.
Why Your Boyfriend Has not Proposed to You

The aim of a relationship to most women is to eventually get married and have their happily ever after and if this doesn’t happen within a stipulated time, there is usually cause for Alarm.
Women are natural nurturers and want to create a home, have a family and take care of them, but for men this is not so. It is even more disturbing if there are other underlying reasons why your man may not want to propose marriage despite the fact that the relationship may be going very well.
The fault may not be entirely yours but here are 10 significant reasons your man may be holding back from putting a ring on it

1. He doesn’t believe in marriage

So you started out the relationship without discussing expectations. You automatically believed he wants the same thing you do at the end of the day; marriage. You may be wrong. Believe it or not, not everyone wants to get married and become domesticated and you need to find out if your man belongs to this category asap.

2. He wants to test the waters first

We all know that most men want to play the field first before settling down. Asking you to marry him now might be considered as a suicide to the adventurous life he wants to have. At the end of the day, if he falls into this category, your relationship is just happening at the wrong time, nothing personal.

3. Your relationship is unhealthy but you don’t know it

Unhealthy Relationships

It is also possible he finds faults with the relationship that you are blind to. When communication between both of you is not effective and your man feels the conditions are not conducive to propose to you, then its never going to happen.

4. He fears he would lose his freedom

Most men spend a fair bit of time dating someone before they decide to pop the question, so they know the type of person their partner is. They know if they’re controlling or chill, and they’re aware of their partner’s opinions on date nights and whether they need to check-in when they’re running late. However, for whatever reason, many men think that they’ll immediately lose any sense of freedom when they tie the knot.

5. He doesn’t see the need because you are already living together

Perhaps you are living with him already. You cook, wash and clean up after him performing all the wifely duties without the title, then you are enabling him. He is most likely enjoying all the benefits of marriage without going through the process itself. Think of it in terms of not buying a cow because you already have free milk.

6. Family Influences

Do you get along with his family? Do they like you as a person and want you as a wife for their son? These are some of the questions you need to answer especially if your man holds his family’s opinion in high regards,

7. He is mentally not ready

Well, there isn’t much you can do in this case. If he is not ready to man up and ask you to marry him, then he is not. simple.

8. He feels it is too soon

The fact is women start dreaming of their big day from a very young age and they are usually faster to feel ready to take their relationships to the next level. So it might be that he thinks it is just too soon into your relationship to start talking proposals.

9. He is financially unstable

When it comes to marriage, stability especially financially is very important. When the man in the relationship does not have the financial capability to take care of the home yet, proposing is the very last thing on his mind.

10. He is just not that into you

It’s possible you have been dating yourself all along. Maybe your man doesn’t love you enough, perhaps he is still in love with an ex or he is gay.

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