Why Do Ladies Hate On Other Fashionable Ladies?

I was so excited about worshipping with the congregation of saints here in Aba after l have missed many Church Services since l had been out of the city and out of excitement with heart as ladened with joy for the brethren l will be reuniting with and the stare l will be getting from the sisters, l got up so early this morning, had my bathe, dressed up in my grey suit with a pair o well-ironed Chinos trousers and a matching shirt and not forgetting my Front shoes and headed for Church.

Getting to the junction, l boarded a tricycle heading to Bata and on board were two female students and by the way they spoke, you will know they are students of the Abia State Polytechnic, Aba who were also on their way to church. l was blessed among women and had to sit with them at the back. 

The drive continued and behold a beautiful damsel waiting for a tricycle. The damsel was actually a course mate of the two with me on the tricycle. They waved at her as the tricycle sped past and that was when the real talk started.

"She always claims to be beautiful and thinks she dresses to kill. See the way she is also dressed to church as though she was going for a party", one of the ladies said. To me, the lady they were talking about was perfectly dressed for church but her fault was that she was better dressed and more beautiful than they were. The other one said "No mind dem, na so dem go dey show body like say no other person reach dem."

l just entertained myself with some slow smiles and was quiet throughout the journey because l saw it as jealousy unadulterated but then that damsel was damn beautiful. It has become a norm among ladies to play friends in real terms but when they are not with that supposed friend, they can spite her before some other person. It is that bad.

Why do ladies hate on other ladies who are well dressed and more beautiful than they are?

Author: Nwankwo Basil

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