Is It True: Bearded Female Lecturers Are Strict?

Is It True: Bearded Female Lecturers Are Strict?

When we were younger, there was general notion that women who had beards like men are usually very strict or wicked as we would call it. This made us to an extent despise any female teacher posted to the school and who had beards. We saw them to be stumbling blocks to the fun which we aimed to enjoy in school. I had a few of them.

Many of us grew with the belief and we did not only lay it on teachers alone, we placed the characteristic on any woman who had beards and at times, when we see any woman like that, we point fingers and imagine how wicked she could be.

University days came and the admission to study Accountancy was offered by Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike. During my stay in school, in my 300level, second semester precisely, l met a female lecturer who was bearded. She was in fact at that time, the Dean of the College and took us on a course, Managerial Economics.

During her exams, l almost urinates in my trousers because the gravity of the questions was not at par with the time allotted for the paper. Bulky questions with questions 1 and 5 compulsory but lesser time. I had to write like an electronic typewriter because one second wasted became deadly and my manageable handwriting turned worse but l managed to finish with just 2 minutes of the time left. That was one of my toughest papers.

So many of us have had experiences with such kind of women, so many of us encounter them on a daily basis. Would you agree that bearded women lecturers are wicked or is it just another myth? Add any experience you have had.

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