7 Makeup Removal Mistakes You Are Probably Making

7 Makeup Removal Mistakes You Are Probably Making

The art of makeup is very complex, but if you want to maintain a good look and feel of your skin, it’s also important to take your makeup off the right way. Find out which makeup removal mistakes you might be making and how to correct them!

1. Using Only A Skin Cleanser

You probably have your favourite skin cleanser that you use every day to remove everything that has accumulated on your face during the day. However, regular skin cleansers, whether they come as foams, gels, or oils, are not designed to remove makeup from your eyes.

You will need a separate product to remove the makeup from your eyes. It has a gentler formula than a regular skin cleanser and can take off even the most waterproof makeup without damaging your eyes and the sensitive skin around them.

2. Using Only An Eye Cleanser

Once you have experienced the effectiveness of a special eye makeup remover, it can be very tempting to use it all over your face, especially if you love wearing heavy-duty foundation and lipstick. But that’s not a very good idea for one simple reason.

Eye makeup removers are usually very rich and contain oils for a more effective removing of the makeup. If you have sensitive or acne-prone skin, using an eye makeup remover all over your face can worsen the condition of your skin and lead to new problems.

3. Wrong Water Temperature

Like most people, you probably choose the temperature of the water for washing your face depending on the weather: hot water feels especially comforting on cool days, and cold water gives a much-needed refreshment on a hot day.

However, both of those options are not ideal for makeup removal. Hot and cold water messes the natural lipid barrier of your skin. When removing makeup, use lukewarm water that feels neutral on your skin.

4. Rubbing Your Eyes And Skin

When you are wearing a lot of makeup, you naturally want it to come off as quickly as possible. However, rubbing your eyes and face too vigorously will lead to a different effect. Instead of feeling clean, your skin will feel irritated. Plus, being too aggressive when removing makeup can lead to wrinkles developing on your most sensitive areas.

5. Using A Single Pad

Makeup removal pads are not very expensive, but you can simply forget that it’s time to take out a new one. As a result, you begin rubbing the makeup products you’ve just removed back into your skin. As soon as the cotton pad changes colour, it’s a signal that it’s time to throw it out.

6. Skipping The Next Steps

Once you have successfully removed your makeup, it may seem like your skin care routine for the evening is done. However, even the richest oil-based makeup remover cannot substitute the rest of the skin care steps, especially the moisturizer. No matter how tired you may feel, skipping the moisturizer will leave your skin dehydrated and dull.

7. Using Coconut Oil

With so many articles on how great coconut oil is for everything, including your skin, using coconut oil to remove your makeup may seem like a great idea. But while coconut oil can be rather effective in removing makeup thanks to its fatty acids, the same acids also make coconut oil highly comedogenic.

If you are prone to acne and breakouts, or have sensitive skin, using coconut oil regularly as a makeup remover can make the condition of your skin worse. It’s best to use coconut oil for other beauty purposes.

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