Is Studying Engineering In Nigeria A Scam?

Is Studying Engineering In Nigeria A Scam?

Engineering undergraduates study old theories from Way past generation, that is of little relevance to modern engineering. The university system teach so many calculation, and almost nothing on how to apply these mathematics to solve real life problems.

Many of theories learned aren't useless jargon, since we arent taught how to praticalise most of those knowledge, 99.99% of all engineering graduate would have forgotten what they learned by the time they graduate.

We only remember what is useful to us, what help us get through, or things we do constantly. Everything else, our brain trashes it. 

Its quiet disturbing Most of the engineering student only read to pass. Which makes one question, are we in school only to pass some paper? If so, modern technology would not have existed at all.
Our primary purpose of studying engineering is to apply scientific discoveries to solve practical problems in the society. But unfortunately the system only made us to study only for grade. 
Without practicing what we learn our brain will eventually discard everything as useless 

An average engineering graduate does not remember 90% of what he learned in five years, I tried to go through some of my jottings from 300l, i was suprised because it all seem strange to me.. i couldn't remember a thing from the calculations l did with my own hand. A friend of my who have have a very much good grade have the same experience. 

Apart from the abstractions of studying engineering in nigeria, most of the curriculum is old, we spent so much time studying theories that should be thought as a mere history. No wonder there havent been any groundbreaking engineering achievement from Nigerian universities 

Majority of the engineering jobs that involve applying engineering maneuver will be given to foreigners. Innoson motor employs foreigners to do All of its engineering design, our Nigerian graduate work as if they are mere technician. 

Engineering graduates will never apply most of the theories they learn at school. lot of our graduate who are lucky to find job in engineering companies work as a maintenance engineer. Whenever they need new designs or innovation, they hire foreigners to do the job, this is quite sad in my opinion. They have made mockery of 5 years of lifes. Quite sad.

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