7 Effective Tools For Managing Your Business

Small businesses often struggle with being able to manage all the work by themselves.They tend to make mistakes based on inexperience, and work overload.With the millions of apps that are available, here’s a list of the top seven business tools that you should consider for managing your startup business. 

1. Shopify

Shopify is an e-commerce platform for small businesses and entrepreneurs who can use this platform to introduce and sell their product into the market. 

2. Basecamp

A project management tool helps you in all your management needs starting from planning, delegation, executing, controlling and gathering feedback.

Basecamp helps you go through all these functions with ease similar to cutting into butter.

3. Things

What a simple name for an application that does so much.

This app is a holy grail for all productivity nerds. Things were first introduced to the apple app store in 2008 along with the original iPhones in most countries. Things was loved and accepted by all then.

As the iPhones got updated, unfortunately, Things didn’t. Until they introduced Things 3 in 2017. 

4. LastPass

Just like its name, this app gives you the ultimate pass and freedom to enjoy without the hassles of remembering your password or losing your saved passwords because you forgot to backup encrypted data.

LastPass is an application that helps you store all your passwords in one place.

5. Slack 

Slack helps users organize topics by importance, or simply highlight the important conversations or topics.

Clear confusions on the spot. No more waiting for an email. This application can be used from anywhere using your mobile, desktops, laptops, etc. 

6. Toggle 

Toggle connects all your devices and gives you the much-needed reminders to either get off work or get on with that project.

Another benefit- it works even without an internet connection. You simply have to sync it when you get a data connection.

7. Evernote

Evernote helps in storing and organizing your documents and notes. It helps you sync them to your different devices so that they are accessible from anywhere at any time.


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